LDK Solar (LDK) - Trading Recap

Posted on 01/17/2013 by Tom Kaplan

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NEW YORK (AVAFIN) -- LDK Solar options contracts experienced a new 3-month record for both call and put contracts where a total of 3,256 call and 3,910 put contracts were traded in the busy trading session. The contract spread yielded a 1.20 put/call ratio.

Put/Call ratio is often used to measure investor sentiment, the ratio serves as a predictor of investor behavior. A high put/call ratio suggests that the investor sentiment is bearish and that investors expect the underlying stock to decrease in value. In contrast, a low put/call ratio suggests that the investor sentiment is bullish and that the underlying stock is expected to increase in value. Unusual volume provides reliable clues that the stock is expected to make a move.

LDK Solar is a vertically integrated solar manufacturer active at multiple points of the supply chain. The company is currently the world's largest solar wafer manufacturer. In 2009, the company entered into solar module production, an area it expects to make up an increasing portion of its business. LDK also manufactures polysilicon, which it plans to split evenly between internal usage and sales to external customers.

Shares of LDK closed at $1.98 during the previous session. During the session, the stock hit a low of $1.95 and high of $2.11. The current trading volume of 2M is greater than average volume of 1M shares. LDK is trading above the 50 day moving average and higher than the 200 day moving average. The stock's 52 week low is $0.71 and 52 week high is $6.92. To date, the stock has lost -6.79% within the last week.

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