Options Alert for Petroleo Brasileiro

Posted on 06/18/2012 by Norm Sorkin


NEW YORK (AVAFIN) -- During the last trading session, a new 90-day call record for traded contracts was established. There were 3.7 calls traded for every put contract yielding a 0.27 put/call ratio.

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A significant increase in the trading volume of a stock's option often is a precursor of movement by the underlying stock. In such instances, put/call Ratio can be used as an investor sentiment indicator, where a high ratio implies that the overall investor sentiment is bearish and a low put/call ratio implies that the sentiment is bullish.

Petrobras is a Brazil-based integrated energy company controlled by the Brazilian government. The company focuses on exploration and production for oil and gas in Brazilian offshore fields. Production in 2011 was 2.6 million barrels of oil equivalent a day, and reserves stood at 12.7 billion boe. Petrobras operates 12 refineries in Brazil with a capacity of 2 million barrels a day and distributes refined products and natural gas throughout Brazil.

With nearly all of Brazil's refining capacity and investments to increase diesel production, Petrobras can capitalize on the growing domestic demand for refined products. Additionaly, Heavy reliance on Brazil for exploration, production, and downstream operations isolates Petrobras from geopolitical risk that threatens many of its competitors.

Petroleo Brasileiro opened at $18.55 and the stock price rose $0.49 (+2.65%) to $19.00 in the last trading session. PBR is trading between the range of $18.42 - $19.07. Performance indicators show that the stock has lost -1.30% within the last month.

Market Snapshot (06/18/2012)
  SPX 1345.63 2.79 0.21%
  DOW 12749.8 -17.40 -0.14%
  NASDAQ 2895.33 22.53 0.78%
  VIX 18.24 -2.87 -13.60%

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