Options Update for Standard Pacific (SPF)

Posted on 05/02/2012 by Jane Lacave


NEW YORK (AVAFIN) -- During the last trading session, a new 90-day call record for traded contracts was established. There were 0.8 calls traded for every put contract yielding a 1.19 put/call ratio.

Put/Call ratio is often used to measure investment sentiment, the ratio serves as a predictor of investor behavior. Unusual options volume provides reliable clues that the stock is expected to make a move.

Shares of Standard Pacific edged up $0.33 (+6.51%) to $5.40. The price of the stock ranged between a low of $5.04 and $5.59 respectively. The trading volume of 8M is above the 90 day average volume of 3M shares. SPF is trading above the 50 day moving average. The stock's 52 week low is $2.08 and 52 week high is $5.34. Performance indicators show that the stock has gained 42.48% within the last quarter.

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Market Snapshot (05/02/2012)
  SPX 1402.41 -3.41 -0.24%
  DOW 13267.6 -11.70 -0.09%
  NASDAQ 3059.85 9.41 0.31%
  VIX 16.89 0.29 1.75%

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